“I have served on many community related organizations, including being President of an elementary school PTA, been a Big Brother in the Big Brother program and serving on a town’s transportation committee, all without compensation.   In a position like the state legislature, you have to be present and prepared.  Projects like the Northern Pass shouldn’t be decided based upon who shows up to vote.

As NH Representative for Grafton 5, I will serve for the people of Lincoln, Woodstock and Waterville Valley well.   As such, I will be posting information about what I would like to focus on as one member of the 400 person legislature to make our state better.”

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for Grafton’s 5th District.

“Governing is serious business.  It has been centuries that we have struggled to make rules that allow our citizens to enjoy our hard fought freedoms.  These rules, typically called laws or regulations, place restrictions on activities so that the freedoms of others are maintained.  In common terms, an individual’s rights go as far as the other person’s nose.  We are constantly rethinking of when to alter, remove or create new rules that alter the nature of liberty.

We also pool our resources to pursue projects that are in the greater good.  We contribute to the common defense, build and staff schools, pursue community projects that keep our water clean and roads and bridges working.  We debate and make enforceable decisions about how much each person should contribute to these common services.

In a citizen government like ours, this is serious business.  Projects like the Northern Pass threaten to change our states forever.

We largely have a volunteer legislature (a NH representative is paid $100 per year).  Unfortunately, that may be sending a signal that the job is not important.  It is just as important.   In the latest term, it has been reported that absenteeism among representatives is rampant and that the outcome of 60% of the votes could have been changed if all of the absent representatives voted the other way.  This standard is too low and the stakes are too high.”

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